Rattlesnake grips

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rattlesnake grips

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In Stock. This item is currently unavailable.Advertise Here. User Name Remember Me? Attention if you have renewed your paid membership on the site but it has not taken effect within 24 hours please send the tech account a private message here to get your account corrected and for further instruction. There is a connectivity error with Paypal and the site Thank you from the management. Does the rattle hang from a magwell?? Put them on those cool pistols with the snake scales on 'em.

Remove Advertisements. Claire: you crack me up. Les Maynard. Do they look like mine? Google Doggrips and you will find them. Mine are Diamondbavk Rattler,but he has other skins available. Yeah that is the same ones, how do you like them. I think their pretty cool. Have you had them long enough to know that they hold up and don't skrink or anything. Craig M. Great looking grips and super pictures. Thank you for posting them.

Best regards. Do you ever shoot that pistol, or is it just for show? Originally Posted by insatiable ONE. Originally Posted by claire. Originally Posted by bolling. I think they're as ugly as sin.Remember Me?

Results 1 to 16 of Thread: Rattlesnake Grip Inlay. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Rattlesnake Grip Inlay Now I just have to inlay it Fast is fine, but accuracy is final!

Will kill for food! Looks like a challenge Whered you get the snake? It's actually not as big as it appears in the picture. It came from ebay. When I spoke of this being challenging, I thought you were going to cut the grips and recess that snake Probably helps the grip stay put the way it is now. I was planning on inlaying it, but I know how that would end up Originally Posted by subsonic. I'm pretty sure it has the colt style grips with the screw on the bottom.

Yes, it is one piece grips, thus no screw to contend with. Ruger screws have the head on the right panel, so you would have to drive out the escutcheons and reverse them to place the snake on the right panel. A lefty gets off easy on using these.

Funny how much smaller they look in my hand than on the revolver. Your camera is doing something to the image, unless your thumb really is as long as your index finger? Much better than the ones before and a much better price considering what they cost new! I would think that would be against the rules, today for sure.

rattlesnake grips

I always heard Clint wasn't that much of a gun nut. Neat grips, though. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved.The coiled rattlesnake is cast in detail from sterling silver.

Note the excellent fit of the one-piece walnut grips. Faver intervened but in the end Rowdy went after Mastic, who fled to the bell tower of a mission after robbing and murdering his stepfather. Faver yanked on the bell rope and the bell knocked Mystic out of the tower and he fell to his death.

Clint Eastwood used the snake-handled Colt, a 5.

rattlesnake grips

The sterling silver rattlesnakes, coiled and ready to strike, were supplied on the custom grips by Andy Anderson of the North Hollywood Gunfighter shop. It is unknown who crafted the original snakes, but they were definitely professionally made by a silversmith. The frame, loading gate and hammer are color casehardened with the remainder of the revolver finished in an attractive blue. When fully seated the end of the pin blocks the hammer from the firing position, acting as a hammer drop safety.

As standard practice I shorten all two-position cylinder pins in my personal SA six-guns. A nice feature is the last four digits of the serial number are stamped on the cylinder as with early Colt SA revolvers.

The out-of-the-box trigger pull measured 3 pounds and broke cleanly. My sample has an attractive burl walnut one-piece grip.

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The fit to the backstrap and trigger- guard is perfect and the grips are shaped as the early Colt one-piece wood grips, fitting flush with the frame at the top. But what makes these different, i. The snake is cast in 3-D from sterling silver. The silver snakes are overlays and are twins for those on the Eastwood Colt. The Alfonso copy of the Eastwood Rig is correctly sized for the 5.

In the dim indoor light I have trouble seeing iron sights, so I ended up shooting offhand groups at 10 feet, with five shots going into one ragged hole which measured 0. They certainly have a winner. Clint Eastwood used several holster rigs during the eight years on Rawhide. This allowed one to thumb cock their SA six-shooter before it cleared the holster without the gun muzzle ever pointing at their leg or foot, an important feature in live ammunition Fast Draw.

While Andy Anderson retired many years ago due to poor health and has since passed away, there are two sources for correct copies of the Eastwood Rig today.Put mine in a set of roper target grips on a paintball gun I customized. Look and feel great. Gave mine a black acrylic wash to antique the details, because man are they shiny. You can put a thin spread of steel stick epoxy underneath just before driving em home to hide your sins and set em up nicely.

If you follow the instructions that are included everything should be pretty easy. You will have to drill some small holes on grips and then mount them with alittle epoxy or super glue.

These are not inlays so there will be some spots that may not fit exactly flush but they still look very nice when finished. These are easy to inlay in wood,the only problem I had was metal could be a little softer,bent one of the little pins,tried to bend back it broke,that was ok tho still finished the inlay,beautiful,next time I'll try a propane tortch add a little heat to bend,Planning on buying some more later to do other pistol grips thanks garland.

The rattle snakes from the movie The Good The Bad and The Ugly, these can fit most hand grips of any pistol are revolver. Easy to read instructions for mounting. Highly rerecorded.

I had a problem with the shipping not being combined but Mark made it right! I would highly recommend him and would buy from him again! Capricorn One 4 Inch Patch - Cap Original Movie Props. Movie Props. TV Memorabilia Original Props. Replica Gun. Supernatural Prop. Original Autographed Movie Memorabilia. Do You Feel Lucky!!! The problem I had has been corrected. Thanks I had a problem with the shipping not being combined but Mark made it right!Best sellers.

Customer Comments. Definitely one of my best firearm buy. The unseasonably warm South Texas weather slowed deer hunting to a crawl. With only 15 minutes of daylight and a minute walk back to the truck, I left my blind a little early. I was sweating, and little gnats swarmed around my face. I brushed them away in aggravation as I walked along a well worn cow path that cut through the prickly pear cactus and mesquite brush.

As I swatted the gnats from my eyes, I slipped in full stride, losing my balance and nearly falling headlong onto the ground. Somehow I managed to find my balance and righted myself. To my surprise, there was no cow manure on my boot soles. What the heck had I slipped on, anyway? My first instinct was to jump away, which I did with a gallant adrenaline powered leap, but by then it was getting dark.

I fired at him with my deer rifle but missed, and he crawled off unscathed. As the last light of day faded, I realized that I had stepped on the serpent, probably while he was outstretched and sunning himself, and nearly fell right on top of him. Who knows what would have happened if. Sometimes the issue gets down to you and the snake. I always choose me!

Trying to get your wits about you in such a situation can be tough, especially when armed with a deer rifle or a bow and arrow, neither of which is the best weapon for close-range snake protection. One can carry only so many arms afield before needing porters.

Several manufacturers offer these, ranging from pocket-size derringers to heavy-duty hip guns that demand stout holsters. GunHunter Managing Editor Larry Teague and I decided to put several of these snake charmers to the test so that we could report somewhat scientifically what the user might expect of each gun in a close-range snake fest.

Each of the three handguns is chambered in. As you will notice, each of the handguns tested put more pellets in the kill zone with No.

Metal Inlays

Given that no two firearms, even of the same make and model, will duplicate one another in such tests, this experiment offers the reader a worthy general comparison. As one might expect, the longer the barrel, the greater the percentage of pellets in the target zone. The trade-off, of course, is size and weight. Larry and I concluded that each handgun offers worthwhile snake protection at snake-biting range and far exceeds the protective value of screaming and jumping straight up!

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New Vaquero. Super Blackhawk. Vaquero Birdshead. Bearcat Round. Bearcat Square. Mark II. Mark III. Mark IV. Redhawk Round. Redhawk Square. However, orders for only a pair of inserts will come with just the screw and orders for a rubber grip only will not come with any hardware.

GP Example of Frontstrap Checkering.


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rattlesnake grips


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